About Our School


The community of Webster Elementary School dedicates itself to ensuring a safe, nurturing, learning environment that facilitates personal growth and meaningful interactions of all children and adults. Students will leave our school empowered to think clearly, care deeply, and act wisely.


Within Webster Elementary School are housed two very special programs! Side by side you find classrooms for Livonia's Alternative Classrooms for the Academically Talented (ACAT) Program and the Northwest Wayne County program (MoCI) for students who have cognitive impairments. You might be thinking, "What a combination of students!" - students who receive an alternative curriculum because they are very gifted in academics, sharing the same school with students who need a specialized curriculum because they struggle to keep up with the traditional school program.  When the two programs came together, we found no other schools like ours. Now we believe it is the most wonderful combination of students. Webster Elementary School is located in Livonia, Michigan, within a quiet  residential neighborhood between 7 Mile Rd. and 8 Mile Rd., and bounded by Farmington and Merriman. In January of 2004, around 120 students were enrolled in the Special Education program, which we call the "Primary / Intermediate Program." These students range in age from 3 to 13.  There were around 250 students in the Academically Talented Program, which we call the "1-6 Program," as students are in first through sixth grades. 


When people walk into Webster School, they see a school with all the benefits of an exemplary elementary school. The school has a large gymnasium, physical exploration center, computer lab, large art room, music room, SACC (School Age Child Care) room, and LMC (Library Media Center) complete with:  an extensive collection of books,  sectioned off area for younger children, mini computer lab, and "realia" center - hands on learning materials according to selected themes. The children receive all the age appropriate "specials" that are offered at the elementary level. These specials include: art, music, gym, LMC, and computer lab.


Webster School has an active PTA which is attended by parents of both programs and considers the needs of both. The PTA offers its Masterworks, Publishing Center, Reflections, and other programs for students of both the K-6 and Preschool / Primary / Intermediate Program.  The PTA sponsors or supports many all-school functions.  We have had elaborate Open Houses at the start of the school year with a petting farm, magician, or musicians at our school.  The PTA sponsors the skate nights, sock hops, seasonal parties, and end of school year picnics.  They do a school send off for the sixth graders and intermediate students who are moving on to new schools.  The PTA sponsors activities for parents such as road rallies and also  brings in topical speakers.

Each year, the PTA determines how they plan to support the school and then bases all fund raising efforts toward those goals.  Several years ago, PTA funds were raised for the purchase of new  playground equipment, which the students really enjoy! Recently the funds have been used to support the Student Council, Service Squad Program, noon enrichment program, classroom field trips, classroom supplies, assemblies, and “Wish List” items submitted by staff or parents.  The PTA generally holds a fund raiser at the beginning of the school year and “Market Days” throughout the school year.


When Webster Elementary School began to house both specialized programs in one building, the vision was for the school to be one community of students, staff, and parents.  One school principal was assigned to be the administrator over both programs, rather than a different person for each program.  Our mission statement reflects this vision: for our school to be one community which “facilitates meaningful interactions of children and adults.” 

Three major types of interactions are fostered at Webster School:  Interactions that occur because of proximity, interactions that occur when students are helping one another, and reciprocal interactions.


When classroom assignments were made, we intentionally did not put one program in one portion of the building and the other program in the other portion of the building. Rather, classrooms from both programs were placed throughout the building.  Thus the proximity of students - students from both programs near one another - facilitates natural and spontaneous interactions with one another.


Webster School provides students opportunities to help one another.  Older students from both the Primary / Intermediate and K-6 programs are given the opportunity to be involved in the Service Squad, with varied opportunities to serve and help others throughout the building.  For example, these students may help preschool students get ready to go home or they may help younger students during lunch time. 

At Webster School, we try to create an atmosphere where students can reach out to help one another, using the unique abilities they all have been given.  As they do this, friendships have an opportunity to develop. 


At Webster School, we strive to provide the students with as many reciprocal interactions as possible.  This occurs as students come together for a given activity or project and each child has an opportunity to work on his or her own goals.  Reciprocal interactions sometimes require a great deal of  thought and planning on the part of staff from both programs.  Examples of reciprocal interactions are:

Reading Buddies - By pairing up students from both programs for reading, one student has the goal of learning to read out loud, while the other child is learning to listen to a story read to him/her.

All School Musicals and Performances - Students from both the Primary-Intermediate and K-6 programs have the opportunity to participate in the school choir which performs both at Webster School and in the community.  

Computer Activities - How fun to have one student design a computer program which another student can then use to work on other skills!

Student Council - Students from both the K-6 and Primary / Intermediate programs participate in Student Council.  Together, the students create a “caring community” through various service projects.  The students have collected money for the Red Cross, canned goods for Goodfellows, and other projects.

Field Trips and Outings - Students from both programs have gone together to places like the art museum, symphony, bowling, skating, camping, swimming, and so many more places.  Everyone learns something new! 


Webster School welcomes visitors.  Parents of Webster students are encouraged to visit their child’s classroom.  We ask that they talk to their child’s teacher about what time is best for the family as well as the teacher and students.

Many parents, grandparents, and community members volunteer in the school.  There are many and varied opportunities to give of your time to our school.

Whether you are coming to visit your child’s classroom, participate in a meeting, or volunteer your time at Webster, we ask you to enter the school through the front door.  Please sign in at the office and receive a “visitor’s” badge.   

Other people who have a desire to visit our wonderfully unique school can make those arrangements by calling the office.  We would be happy to schedule a tour of our school for you!

Our Sponsors:
Webster Elementary School thanks our wonderful sponsors who have generously given their support of our students and school