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Welcome! My name is Meris Hoppe and I am a speech-language pathologist serving both Coolidge and Webster. This is my fourth year in Livonia and my ninth as an SLP. I am excited to be rejoining the Webster and Coolidge teams, as I believe that the transdisciplinary approach to education that we utilize provides the best experience for each individual child.  And, of course, the students are the best around!

This year at WEBSTER, I will be providing speech services for students in the following classes:

2nd/3rd Primary - Colaizzi  ***  Gershman *** Moxham *** ACAT 

Speech services at Webster are delivered using a push-in model, which allows me to see the students right in their classroom. I can incorporate myself into their daily routine and facilitate communication in a natural environment.  This is a truly wonderful way to provide speech services because it lets the students practice their skills in the very environment where they will need to use them!

I will be at Webster all day on Wednesday and Thursday. I can be reached at (734)744-2795.

At COOLIDGE, I will be providing speech services to the following classes:

Anglin *** Rothstein

Services at Coolidge are provided using a combination push-in and pull-out model. The push -in model allows me to facilitate and expand communication in the natural, classroom environment.  Pull-out services are used for peer buddy groups, which allow students who are ready the opportunity to practice social skills with their general education peers. This combination of service-delivery models really allows me to target students' goals in the best way possible!

I will be at Coolidge all day on Tuesdays.  I can be reached at (734)744-2705.

I look forward to working with you and your student!